Accor Hotels "Smart Room"

The 'Smart Room', a room concept that revolutionizes accessibility standards

Accor Hotels is using technology and design, to redefine the concept of an accessible hotel room. Gone are the clinical, hospital like rooms and in is clever Universal Design to create a stylish and practical solution that treats all guest on an equal footing. It is combined with modern technology to control the rooms functions including window blinds, height adjustable beds, lighting and adjustable wardrobes.

Damien Perrot, SVP Design Solutions at AccorHotels explains,

“With this concept, our goal is to inspire the hotel market by introducing a new approach to the PRM room, which is often unoccupied, not very welcoming, and stigmatizing... We have envisioned a room for everyone, with design and creativity adhering to PRM standards and practices to the point that they disappear to the benefit of emotion and sensorial experience. 

This innovation can be tailored to all our brands in all segments. It reflects the Group's desire to pave the way towards positive hospitality and to respond to the concerns and requirements of all our guests”.

The innovations featured in this room which can accommodate up to 3 people include:
  • a connected tablet to adjust the light and music (Devialet Phantom loudspeaker) to create the perfect atmosphere, close curtains, tilt the headboard and control audiovisual equipment
  • a wardrobe with sliding shelves and rods for easy access to clothes
  • LED lighting with footboard motion sensor facilitating movement at night
  • a television positioned on a 180° swivel panel
  • a bathroom equipped with an easily adjustable showerhead, a folding and adjustable shower seat, a height-adjustable washbasin (70 to 90 cm), designer grab bars doubling as towel rails, etc. (7
  • sleep aids, including Dodow, a luminous metronome that promotes both concentration and sleep, or Dreem, a headband with integrated brain energy sensors and a relaxation system
  • customizable olfactory atmospheres with Sensorwake, for a gentle awakening to the aromas of either coffee, tea, sea breeze... as well as shower capsules perfumed with essential oils created by Skinjay.

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