The City of Gothenburg, Sweden, has Published a new Brochure on its Accessibility

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city and was founded in 1621. Gothenburg has the largest port in the Nordic Region and a wonderful archipelago, but it is also known as the city highly regarded as a venue for major sporting events, entertainment and culture. A former industrial city, Gothenburg evolved into a city of creation and innovation and now in to a city of commerce and education. 

Gothenburg was the proud winner of the Access City Award 2014. The annual competition is organised by the European Commission and awards European cities that have shown exceptional good work with addressing accessibility issues. The competition is intended to recognise cities that have high goals and have a holistic approach to creating an accessible environment for everyone, with a focus on people with disabilities. The City of Gothenburg’s efforts to integrate people with all types of disabilities in the society made it 2014’s winning city.


The city’s aim and vision 

The City of Gothenburg has a political aim to make Gothenburg accessible for everyone. The accessibility work taking place in the community goes hand in hand with the disability policy and to create a city for all. 

The vision for Gothenburg is an accessible city where every citizen in Gothenburg has the same opportunity of taking part in the life of the community. Gothenburg should be the best city in which to live and everyone in the city should feel proud to be a citizen of Gothenburg. 

The City of Gothenburg has launched its new brochure outlining the systemic approach it is using to create a city for all.

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